Our Mission and Values Statement

Lifetime Potentials strives to provide all SCL recipients served the maximum in quality care. Through collaboration with various agencies and networks, LPI will assist the individuals served with all aspects of life as an active community member and encourage self-advocacy. LPI will treat all members of staff and individuals served with the utmost dignity and respect. Lifetime Potentials will exhaust all available resources to support the individuals served in reaching their maximum potentials in all areas of life. It is the goal of LPI to provide each individual served quality care and support his/her efforts in living a full life. Our goals are:

  • To provide individualized care and balanced activites to meet the support needs of the individual served.
  • To ensure supports are provided by highly trained, caring, and involved staff.
  • To further develop the individual's strength and support the individual in better meeting his/her needs
  • To assist the individual served in utilizing community resources and to educate the individual in his/her efforts to become a self-advocate. This includes involving the individual served in all selection and direction of services provided.
  • To assist the individual in creating and maintaining natural community support networks
  • To uphold constitutional rights of the individuals served by ensuring individuals are treated as equal members of society, both on and off site while in the community
  • To ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the individuals served





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